Love Will Find A Way

Well you’ve locked and sealed the door
You think you’re smarter than before
About this fuss you are quite sure
You don’t want it anymore
Not a person is included
You get yourself secluded
When you act like you’re deluded
And you’re far from being concluded
For Love just needs a sunny day
It tends to have a funny way
To creep in through your window
Cause Love always finds a way

You turn off all the lights
To keep Love out of your sights
That’s how you intend to spend your nights
Because you’re tired of all the fights
Outside you hear the gentle rain
But it only gives you pain
It gets harder to explain
You just don’t want it all again
All the clouds are turning grey
You don’t listen to what they say
No matter how hard you try to stay
Love will always find a way

So quit your weird resistance
Get yourself some assistance
You don’t want it at a distance
It’s the only point of existence
If you’re hurt, then please start healing
There’s no point now in concealing
Open the doors and floors and ceiling
It’s the only real good feeling
Go to a shop and there you pay
Go to a temple there you pray
But find Love in any way
Or else Love will find a way

12 thoughts on “Love Will Find A Way

  1. A blessing or a curse it just depends on the day?
    Yes Love will find a way
    Whether it has four paws or short legs, the unconditional kind is a treasure to be found!
    Yes Love will find a way
    Just close your eyes, open your heart & let your mind map out the possibilities to lose your senses.
    Yes Love will find a Way
    Leave the Genie in a bottle happenstance is found when you are not looking
    Yes Love will find a way!!

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  2. This one works pretty well, Frank.
    What about corndogs and Friday nights and beach combing and ferris wheels. It’s either Love or Anti-Love with you. What about skinny dipping? Or polar plunges? Or bonfires at the lake shore?

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  3. Dissidence, in awful diatribe, is my favorite genre for a topic
    Belittling language… but… I know not of many a thing
    And to this I am ignorant too
    So a nut in a shell, yes, I know of this L-Love
    Many a year ago (before I was born) it carried lanterns into my room
    And lit the fire in Australia
    Love burns the world, but, alas, not at all different
    Than to say, some way, that there will come a day
    To find love
    Ah yes, the one last distress, without transgression, a digression of the mind and soul
    To the last dainty distraction
    And I’m not hardened!
    Some people need not this ruse
    Some people live capital-N Normal
    Normative, objective, scientific
    To the natural beauty of the world
    To stains and glass and awful coffee burns

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