A Fool In School

There is a force which pulls me
Pulls me close to you
No matter how hard I fight it
It always pulls me through
Makes me stand in front of you
Like a speechless fool
Makes me wanna act like
Or pretend that I’m so cool
But I’m just a fool

When I’m doing my homework
Or studying for a test
All my thoughts are focussed
On things that are not best
This force keeps me from studying
Makes me think of you
I’ve never been distracted
Like the way you make me do
Oh I’m such a fool

In class, I feel so tired
For I’ve been awake all night
This force won’t leave me alone
This force is just not right
I look at her, start dreaming
That’s the force at work
Then I’m caught, detention
Just my rotten luck
Well I’m such a fool

School is not for me now
I think I’ve had enough
I couldn’t fight this force now
It is just too tough
So I sit at home and
Take a white blank page
Take a pen and pour out
All my love in rage
For I’m such a fool

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