The Most Powerful Weapon

Depending upon the opponent

A wrestling match can be tough

Especially if the opponent

Knows all your moves and stuff

So once I was face-to-face

With a very familiar foe

His fans call him Depression

I call him De-Press Joe

I can fight that meanie smooth

But that wasn’t how it was

He called upon his loyal pals

To build an unfair cause

There was Morose Donald

There was also Negative Bill

There was Ire ‘The Anger’ Rage

And many, many more still

It was intimidating

To face them all at once

I found myself uneasy

At my incompetence

Then it dawned upon me

My nerves got quite a kick

I got myself a weapon

They thought I’d never pick

When they came charging at me

I simply threw a Smile

And all of them went running

For around about a mile

Now when they come to fight you

You know just what to do

Simply deploy a smile

Then you thank me too

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