Wanted: A Poem Catcher

Somebody catch me my poems

They’re all over the place

They’re everywhere they shouldn’t be

Oh it’s such a disgrace

They start off from my head you know

And run around as they please

They’re even harder to catch I’d say

Harder than a swarm of bees

I chase after them all day you know

So often I chase in vain

In the morn’ they come to life

Then at night they run again

You see I really need your help right now

Won’t you help me for a while?

I’ll pay you handsomely I promise

I’ll pay you with a smile

21 thoughts on “Wanted: A Poem Catcher

  1. I simply loved this poem. It’s like you have written this for all the poets here. I feel the same – poems come throbbing, come hurling, come breathing, come bathing all over the place and many times at moments when you have no pen or paper or your mobile at hand.

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  2. May be I am a poem catcher
    For long I have been a poem lover
    Your poems swarm in my night
    In the morn they vanish in a flight
    Now that I think for a while
    Your poem is your smile

    Wishing you Happy Holidays
    Have fun

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  3. Of course I will help you. 😊. Always have your notebook hand and then stay with calm in your mind.
    The bees will be attracted and settle on you, you just take dictation.
    Can I have that smile now?


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