If You Were A Heart

If you were a heart

I would be a beat

If you were a star

I would be the heat

If you were a damsel

I would be a knight

If you were a candle

I would be the light

Whatever you may be

I would be one too

You’re not into me

So I’m not into you

23 thoughts on “If You Were A Heart

    1. Truly, Sonali. I bump up against that ending, too. It doesn’t seem true; however, if those are the words of the heartbroken, it rings the right amount of discord. You know when you’re trying not to admit the obvious — like that you’re heartbroken that someone doesn’t love you back, and so you say something mean? Maybe you wouldn’t say something mean, but sometimes the hurting try to make others hurt too. :-)//mm

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      1. Hmmm, well that can be it. When someone gets hurt and they don’t want to show it, they often try and hurt the other person just to pretend as if they don’t care for them. But deep down, they actuaaly care the most.


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