Father’s Day Out

Wife’s gone out with friends

I’m home with our two sons

I’m supposed to manage

While she has all the funs

It’s days like these when I feel

I should have been alone

Never should have married

Or kids should all be grown

One of them is hungry

The other’s crying loud

It’s like I’m locked inside

A room of angry crowd

Well I’m feeling helpless

There’s nothing I can do

This is mental torture

I want to cry out too

Well I give them board games

And some packaged food

It always works out with her

With me it isn’t good

And the cries get louder

Hunger takes its toll

Trying to run a house

Where I have no control

Well my wife just text me

‘How the angels are?’

Should I text back the truth

About my brand new scar?

Then she texts me again

Stamps and seals my fate

‘Hey, my battery’s low now

It might get quite late’

13 thoughts on “Father’s Day Out

  1. Hope this is not really your life, a miserable dad:( Learning to play with kids does take a learning curve, so it does take time, but everyone can learn it. You once were a child, so you go from there.. Keep them busy! with a treasure hunt, board games, making cookies, or ask them what they want to play. When kids are bored, that’s when trouble starts.
    You love your kids, right? Show ’em!

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  2. I can really relate to this… You might want to take a look at Misophonia Disorder, a sound sensitivity which causes many negative emotions when triggered.

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  3. oh come on Frank, you seriously enjoy being a Father. admit it. when you are not at home, you are thinking of home. enjoy your family, take it from someone who is alone, you would enjoy family better.

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  4. Dude really, when ya get time. And had out. Look for that Sexy Sadie and keep going. Nah just bugging ya. Take your mind off. Keep the poetics going. In time all of it shall come down like a flood residing in some places but not yours.

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