A Treasure Map

Once I found a treasure map

With an ‘X’ marked upon it

It got me quite excited

That I must admit

I followed the map’s trail

With a spade in my hand

It led me to a garden

Desolate and abandoned

In the barren garden stood

A giant of a tree

That was the treasure spot

My heart was filled with glee

So I began digging

Digging for hours on end

Digging all day and all night

With a spade in my hand

Many such days did pass

No sign of a chest

Though I dug up everywhere

Though I tried my best

An old man came up to me

Said, “Son, I see you sweat

But what is it you want?

What do you wish to get?”

Though I wasn’t very keen

I narrated my tale

About the dusty treasure map

About the ‘X’ and trail

He said, “You’ve got it wrong

The treasure is the tree

No need to be digging

This map was made by me”

I looked at him with rage

Knocked him with my spade

Buried him on the spot

Under the giant tree’s shade

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