Her Transparent Nature

I fell in love with her

With her strange, mysterious ways

Her calm and soothing voice

Her scary, haunting gaze

Her transparent nature

Her wild and violent head

The way she made me fly

And hover above my bed

I fell in love with her

But she could never be mine

Not today, not tomorrow

In this world or time

I had to leave it all

That’s what hurts the most

Love’s too small a word

When you love a ghost


32 thoughts on “Her Transparent Nature

  1. What a paradox, if she let her clear nature be seen by you perhaps she thought she’ll be too much for you, perhaps she’s scared of the power she wields so she’s desperately trying to protect you from its ruin, cos believe it ppl like that won’t show you themselves to start with if you didn’t make her heart beat.

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  2. Now Frank, did it have to be a ghost? You know how people are when it comes to something like that. Anyhow, I enjoy reading your blogs. Take care.

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  3. Wow! I am still digesting that. There is so much depth in the poem. Is she really a ghost? Or is it simply impossible to capture and contain her spirit with your love? Would the love have suffocated her wild and unbroken spirit? Thanks for the puzzle, Frank. 👍

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