Poor Cat Poor Cat

Poor cat poor cat

With a noose ’round her neck

Poor cat poor cat

How did she get into that?

Poor cat poor cat

Did I do this to you?

Poor cat poor cat

I do not have a clue

Poor cat poor cat

After I killed my wife

Poor cat poor cat

You were the only life

Poor cat poor cat

Now that you are gone

Poor cat poor cat

I’ll find another one

16 thoughts on “Poor Cat Poor Cat

  1. Narrator fell for a broken woman whom he’d have an affair with which cost him his marriage. Perhaps not exactly what you might have been aiming for but I’d like to think that if nothing else the narrator sounds very selfish when he say he can “find another one.”

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        1. Let’s see — the narrator is a lonely man suffering from fits of rage and memory lapses. All he’s got for company is a cat. In one such fit of rage he kills the cat and goes to sleep. When he wakes up he doesn’t remember doing it. Just like he doesn’t remember doing it to his wife.

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          1. Kind of like The Shining. I get it now.
            He’s a sporadic personality in which he’s at least somewhat aware of. The loneliness comes from that knowledge as well as his rage. He doesn’t understand the concept of grief because of his said condition and it just becomes a vicious cycle. Basically he ruins everything he touches and loves.

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