An Ominous Vision

I said, “I had a vision

Doesn’t feel too good

We should pack our bags now

Leave this town for good.”

But no one ever listened

They thought it was a joke

Everyone just laughed at

The warning that I spoke

It wasn’t long before they

Realised their fault

Everything just stood still

The town came to a halt

With every rat that came out

With every worm in town

All the ravens fluttered

To bring the moonlight down

That’s when it was certain

We had reached our end

There was no escaping

The terrors of new friends

Everyone was eaten

Not a soul was spared

Then they came up to me

A new king was declared

Then I woke up from my

Dreamy premonition

Is this what it’s like to

Have an ominous vision?

20 thoughts on “An Ominous Vision

  1. Meeting new people when youโ€™re used to certain things as they are actually can be scary but overcoming them by putting action in place and oiling the rusty gears will put some gusto in your everyday thoughts of socializing. ๐Ÿ’Œ Ye have little faith in unknown opportunities!

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