Little Girls

Mom, what if the bed is a monster?

What if the pillow is a bait?

What if the blanket is his tool

To wrap little girls like me?

Does he carry them far away

Where he actually dwells

Somewhere in a dark cave

Where he feasts and savours

Innocent, little girls like me?

Does nobody fight back?

Is he too ugly? Too powerful?

Can I fight him, Mom?

Am I brave enough? Strong enough

To save little girls like me?

22 thoughts on “Little Girls

  1. I like how the poem ingeniously captures the inquisitive nature of a child. The poem speaks innocently through fantasy and nightmares while striking the reader as a dark and haunting narrative, with its foundations in reality and acute sensitivity for grave issues.

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    1. Your right. The bedroom was not always a safe place for me or my sisters. It should be a place of innocense and stories read by parents but that is not always the case. A beautiful poem nevertheless.

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