Little Paul McAvoy

Little Paul McAvoy

Was a very jocund boy

He wanted to be a writer

Instead became a fighter

There he finds no joy

Little Anne Maybelline

Wanted to be a beauty queen

But she never did pursue

What she always wished to do

Merely now a working machine

14 thoughts on “Little Paul McAvoy

  1. Hm well humans make their plans. But the will of God always prevails. For me, I wanted to be done with school, have my own car, be married, have kids already. Instead, here I am, sharing my testimony. There was a time i found that my life, is not my own. And it all just happens and occurs, however God wants. It’s what the Spirit does for you though. You could be bummed about that sort of thing, or you could just stay positive, be happy, regardless. And maybe even better plans, better than you had hoped for, could happen. It all depends on you, I believe, and how you see it. Live in shame regret and negativism, or live a life that is positive. Regardless, of your circumstances. Hm hm ^-^

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