Hurry Up, 2019

Hurry up, Twenty Nineteen
Don’t you make me wait
Eighteen was terrible
I need to change my fate
I’ve made some resolutions
I’ve drawn a proper list
There would be no changes
There would be no twist
I’d like to quit my drinkin’
Get off the damned cigar
Learn a brand new hobby
Buy my favourite car
I wanna write a book
Learn to play the guitar
Meet Trump, Modi, Merkel
The Queen and the Tsar
So come on Twenty Nineteen
Come on show your face
I hope that you’d be better
Eighteen was a disgrace
I’d like to be a bit smarter
A bit wiser than before
But not before I see you
Walk in through that door

39 thoughts on “Hurry Up, 2019

  1. Frank thank you for acknowledging same Spirit with the ‘like’ today. The door 🚪 to which you refer is that on the outside in the world or on the inside of your mind or matrix. By my question I sense you already know… I’m sure you’ve already heard Anna’s points of view or viewing points

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  2. I like your anticipation for the new things to come in 2019! I want to finish up my writing I didn’t post yet. Get it off the shelf and start fresh. I am going to keep writing a short story or poem each month and try to figure out this tech of downloading and uploading stuff. It drives me crazy! Happy New Year and happy writing to you!

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