A Geeky Girl

Back in school during Chemistry
A geeky girl used to stare at me
She’d stare and smile, flush and blush
She must have had quite a crush
She never came up or spoke to me
The geeky girl only stared at me
I’m not the kind who bothers a lot
I had a girl who was super hot
So she wasn’t something that bothered me
The geeky girl who used to stare at me
Years passed by. We went our ways
I forgot all about the ‘staring’ days
I broke up with my girl. She’s now a clerk
And I found myself some decent work
Lot of things faded from my memory
Including the girl who used to stare at me
Then one day while watching TV
Everything suddenly came back to me
It seems she’s joined the film industry
Yes, the geeky girl who used to stare at me
Time sure has changed her quite a lot
She’s now hotter than super hot
I spoke to three friends and they all said
She’s quite popular and very well paid
“You’re a darned fool,” said all three
“Ignoring this chic celebrity”
I banged my head and cursed my luck
Didn’t feel like going back to work
I’m a fool as fool as can be
Chucking the girl who used to stare at me
Now at night I don’t really sleep
I lie awake and think and weep
About what the future had in store for me
With the geeky girl who used to stare at me
And that forever will be a mystery
The geeky girl who used to stare at me

38 thoughts on “A Geeky Girl

  1. hmm, fascinating new thing? you delight me, when I know you’re speaking of me. It’s not betrayal to become familiar. I remember when I found out about chemistry, I was a long long way from RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. I have o idea who thinst thst

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  2. interesting story — or can I say poem — nonfiction or fiction.

    1. stare at one person today; u can become stared upon by an innumerable number of people tomorrow

    2. have the hottest thing in your possession today; you can lose the hottest thing you have tomorrow

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