For A Chuckle Or Two

My poems are filled with nonsensical words
About hairy Harry and birdy birds
And all through the months from June to May
About the nonsensical stuff that come my way
Only one nonsensical reason this for me to do
To make you have a nonsensical chuckle or two
And if they brighten up your day or make you feel glad
Then my nonsensical words aren’t that bad
But if these words don’t drive away your blue
Then you’ve aged, you’ve lost your humour too
For what it’s worth I’ll then laugh at you
For I can still have a chuckle or two

10 thoughts on “For A Chuckle Or Two

  1. Hahaha oh franky. Frankly my dear I don’t given a damn. Halloween is over so won’t you please be a dear and let’s dance the fandango sperm whale dance with cheer.
    1 2 3. Let’s go.
    You raise me up so I can walk on mountains, and spin me around like a propeller on the seas. You throw me forwards so I can hit the bullseye! (And temporarily blind while we steal his shit and give the gifts to the fucking needy and poor. Fuck the sheriff of Nottingham, we’re robbing his hood to give back to the hoods. Bonnie and Clyde fucking shit up once again. You’re totally the F my alphabet! Lets do it in style. Make it remembered. We’re the air of the life defense force baby. In making shit up as I go. I’m powered onward by my own fucking hot air.)
    Oh uuugghhh… yeah. Not letting the grinch steal christmas this year. No no no. Fuck no. Fucking g, fuck that ho.

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