Off I Went To Cut A Tree

Off I went to cut a tree
For I was in need of wood
So I grabbed the sharpest axe
To chop the best I could
In a forest of hundred trees
I picked the strongest one
Just a few hours of trying labour
And my job be done
As I was about to strike
The first and fierce blow
The marked tree turned and looked at me
Warmly greeted me “Hello”
I pinched myself just to see
If I was dreaming in daylight
When the giant tree spoke to me
“Who did give you the right
To chop and cut as you please
With very little care
About the lives of our tribe
Like we’re a piece of spare?”
“I’m sorry if you think that way”
Quick came my reply
“I never knew that even trees do
Feel pain, hurt and cry
A few branches is all I need
What harm can it do to you?”
“In that case,” the tree replied
“Forfeit a finger or two”
Leaning forward the mighty tree
Tried to grab my hand
I dropped my axe and off I ran
Lest he’d have me panned
While I ran, I saw and found
The forest staring at me
With a shudder I made a vow
Never again to cut a tree

67 thoughts on “Off I Went To Cut A Tree

  1. The poem is simply clean and clear speak and impactful! Should be made part of the curriculum for middle school, but not primary as you may have a hoard of shuddering, yelling young ones desperately running away from the trees… 😁

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  2. Poor trees, how many we killed without mourning them. Once the city council decided to cut big trees on the street. The sight of all of them lying down before our eyes to see made me sad and traumatized. I was a bit relieved when a taxi driver an old man shared my empathy for trees and said it was sad as well to see them down … human hearts still feel for trees

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  3. Lovely and insightful poem! It reminds me of the song “A Day in the Life of a Tree” by The Beach Boys (which is a sad song btw)

    I really love your poems. They have a way of touching the soul.

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  4. Thank you for this write! All of creation cries out at our atrocities. So wonderful that you heard it in your heart and shared it so very, very beautifully. Thank YOU on behalf of the tree and forest. 🙂 Lots of trees are being cut near where i live to make way for a metro. It is sooooo heartbreaking. 😦

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  5. I loved the imagery and the imagination of a tree talking to you. Our Lion’s Club cuts trees from a designated part of our forest that needs to be culled to make room for more sunlight and growth as smaller trees grow. I buy my tree each year from the Lion’s Club lot, a fund raiser for them, a gift to the forest, and a delight for us. I love the smell of pine!

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  6. 👏🏼🌲🙌🏼❣️EXCELLENT, Frank ~ Very well done❣️ And I was just viewing a painting the other day of a silhouetted woodsman with an ax, chasing a terrified and screaming tree through the forest…Last year I actually burst into tears, passing by a X-mas Tree lot…🌲💝🌲…Bravo.

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