The Kids With Whom I Went To School

The kids with whom I went to school
Are all grown up and settled now
They’re all rich and fancy cool
But I can’t find a job somehow

They’ve got pretty houses with pretty families
They spend their days working earning tons of monies
So busy that they have no time to meet me
My cat and my poems make up my family
I never made it big in life so they think I’m a fool
All the darned kids with whom I went to school

But I’ve also heard that they’re too busy
To spend some time with their families
They barely get any time to even catch some sleep
So they lie awake at night. I know they quietly weep
They wear those tight masks and speak those white lies
Their hair are all grey and they’ve got baggy eyes
Their lives are full of stress and immense mental strain
They couldn’t even enjoy a single moment of rain

Sometimes I really wonder who’s the real fool
The kids with whom I went to school
They’re all rich and fancy cool
They’re all grown up and settled down
But I’m the one with the golden crown

45 thoughts on “The Kids With Whom I Went To School

  1. Great work! I share the same thoughts- money isn’t everything. School reunions can be shallow and focus on who has done what. Far better to still know who you are and not be some shallow version of who you used to be.

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  2. Having lived both sides of this poem – being crazy busy trying to earn enough to make me and my family “happy” and missing out on the little things. I now get to enjoy the little things. Taking time to watch the snow fall, enjoying the beauty. My cat kinda likes this new, happier me as we get more couch time. πŸ™‚ So yes, wear the golden crown and enjoy the peace!

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  3. Frank, this is brilliantly written and highlighting a very often sad situation.
    Many pay an impossible price for this life of luxury and fake masks. Those who pursued what
    was their passion might just accept extra money as a side issue, not working just for.

    To have no time for living, no time to see a rainbow, no time to feel the softness of summer rain …
    that is poverty to me.
    Would it that we could balance work and just living.


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  4. Money makes the base things easier. The higher endeavors, happiness, love, fulfillment, come from one’s own struggles and inner vision. Money often confounds such pursuits. But, I wish we could all exist with an equal baseline of economic status. Then we could all be equally measured — and be acknowledge for the real, foundational aspects of life.

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