Bury My Heart

I built these walls so high that
No one could ever climb
I’m erasing all your memories
To try and heal my mind
Just when I thought I had it
Every joy fell flat
I’m digging up a hole now
Big enough so that
I could bury my heart

Confine me in a room where
There are just no doors
No windows, no distractions
Nothing like before
There I’ll sit and waste
All my days away
Nothing could ever hurt me
Nothing to make me sway
If I bury my heart

I’ll be back at that place
Where it all did start
Except this time I’m lonely
A body with no heart
There’s no answer with me
For this recurring pain
If I had the option
I’d do it all again
So I bury my heart
I bury my heart

40 thoughts on “Bury My Heart

  1. You write very strongly and beautifully about the dark place you are just now.
    To bury your heart? This is not on. Life is beautiful, hearts will mend – bit by bit.
    Please tear down these walls before I get nightmares. 🦋 .


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  2. This is so sad. But you don’t have to bury your heart. Sure it’s been broken and wounded. But if you put it through therapy it can work again. Even if it made of part of machines. I can help to take and staple and craft one with you, but it won’t be pretty… But it will still work, and things done together are always more fun and less painful than when alone.

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