A Hundred Years Of Pain

Oh these lonely nights are long
I don’t want to stay
Put me there where I belong
Please don’t throw me away
It’s like I’m handed out a hundred years of pain
It’s just too much to take. It’s driving me insane
I have no strength now to face this all over again
It’s just too much to take. A hundred years of pain

The demons of a distant past
Have come out of their graves
A devilish tall shadow they cast
Upon my mental slaves
It is like I’m going through a hundred years of pain
Too lost and broken now to understand or explain
There is nothing left here for me to lose or gain
Someone come and stop this hundred years of pain

To my God I have prayed
To my mother I have cried
With my children I have made
A pact to leave my side
For I was born to suffer a hundred years of pain
Born to expose my wounds as the skies pour the rain
No point in battling the scars all over again
Seems like I’ve always been living a hundred years of pain

28 thoughts on “A Hundred Years Of Pain

  1. Ohh …Frank, how did you get inspiration to this poem. So strong but dark, hundred years of
    this pain. What to do to ease it?
    Can it be that some periods of pain feel like forever until the sun glints again. I hope so.


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  2. A hundred years seem to be long, but come to think of it, we cried the minute we arrived in this world. The pain stays all the way through whether we realize or not, one kind or the other. Sometimes one hundred days of pain do feel like one hundred years or forever. Well done, Frank!

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