Tonight I Cry No Tears

Those voices keep me up at night
I barely get any sleep
When the window brings the morning light
There’re no voices to keep
Sometimes they scare my heart to death
Sometimes they make me shiver
I lie awake with bated breath
While my eyes cry a river
There are no problems with me I’m sure
I am just about fine
Tonight I shut and secure the door
Face them with a spine
Tired of being a slave I am
They only play with my fears
Tonight I show no fear to them
Tonight I cry no tears

30 thoughts on “Tonight I Cry No Tears

  1. This is my best read so far! Thoroughly enjoyed the poem. Very descriptive in emotion. Look forward to reading your other content! Thank you for posting this x

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  2. You have a true talent with writing. I am very fond of finding your page, I hope to learn from you. I am new to this site, and as an aspiring poet and writer I was told this is a great platform. I just def need to learn a bit more about it and I hope to really much more of your work!

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  3. Dear Frank, Good day. I’m a fan of your work but that doesn’t matter now. Suppose I love a poem you wrote or find a few lines from your words that resonates with me, how do you prefer I cite you when I want to quote it in some other page?

    Kindly write me soon. Much admiration, Chacha.

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