The Light Will Get To You

The angel of darkness comes to me
Fetches me from my dreams
We swim together away and free
Through the holy streams
She leaves me behind and disappears
With no sense of direction
The moon shines as the sky clears
The stars’ resurrection
I keep swimming to find the shore
With no help to get through
Hear the clouds cry as they pour
“The light will get to you”

17 thoughts on “The Light Will Get To You

  1. Loneliness and isolation are such huge forces. I have been one to whom the clouds have said, “The light will get to you,” in both senses I have imagined here: someone pities you but takes no action to help, leaving it for mythical “others”; and the darkness itself being a reassuring reminder that there is light and it will come again.

    This is a powerful and poignant piece – love it!

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