A Race With My Demons

I had a race with my demons
Yes, the demons inside of me
Just to see who’s faster
Me or he or she

The race was with a rider
As dumb an idea as ever
If they were to win the race
They’d stay with me forever

But if I were to get lucky
And win the stupid race
They’d leave my heart for good
Never show their face

So off we started running
I took an early lead
They always were to keep a pace
That was guaranteed

So we kept on running, running
They never were far behind
They always did keep up with me
Oh the demons in my mind

Maybe they’re saving themselves
For the final lap
Maybe they’re just tired
But it so seemed like a trap

So I kept on running, running
Always keeping ahead
Ahead of all the demons
Oh the demons in my head

The more I kept on running
I began to apprehend
This race just had no meaning
This race just had no end

So I dropped my pace a little
Threw the lead I had
Watched the demons pass me
Oh the demons in my head

I stood still for a minute
Till the demons were out of sight
Oh what fools they were to run
Run with all their might

I felt so weak and tired
From running the whole day
Now that the demons are gone
I took then my own way

28 thoughts on “A Race With My Demons

  1. Wow, this could not have come at a better time. I’ve been having an internal battle with some of my demons so this truly hits home. Thank you!

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  2. This is great. I really like the story in your poems. And the unexpected twist here. We don’t always have to do things the way we think they’re meant to be done, in order to succeed. 🙂

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  3. Smart solution to a race you needed to win! Oh, and I love your solution to the inability of WordPress to accept our double return when we’re writing stanzas and want a space after each four line cluster. You put three dots in that line! I will adopt that solution. Thank you.

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