A Star Made Just For Me

In this vast space
There would be a star
A star made just for me
Waiting for me to find her
Waiting just for me
Calling out my name
Calling out to me
I’m not really sure
How far away she is
But I know I’ll find her
How so far she may be
And when that moment comes
This universe won’t be the same
For two stars will collide
To form their own world
Glowing brighter than ever

40 thoughts on “A Star Made Just For Me

  1. It’s beautiful and yet so sad. A giant universe and most of it is empty space. And we’re just searching for that one twinkling light in the distance, and the time it would take for the light to reach us, and the time it would take for us to reach her… would we be in time before the light faded away?

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