No Place Like Home

All day long in a mighty chair
Everything you need is there
Enough time to ‘fer an empty prayer
The golden sun warms my way
Classic views fill my day
‘Neath the stars as I finally lay
But I feel alone
And I wanna go home
Now I’m tired of being a rolling stone
So I pack my bags
Off on these legs
Won’t rest now until I’ve reached my nest
Just a little more
Hear my heart roar
Knock knock knock! Open up the door
Back here where I belong
Hear me sing my favourite song
Never knew that I had been so wrong
To stay away from this place
For so long. It’s a disgrace
How I’ve missed your warm and long embrace
Wherever that I have roamed
Never seen such a dome
There’s no place like my home

13 thoughts on “No Place Like Home

  1. home is where to hear belongs.
    it longs for it for only so long.
    we cannot hold it back from where in your arms you belong
    we all need to say these things or we loose our ident
    so stay in those arms forever and never leave or it want be clever.
    we should not lose the ones we love or we will die and look down from above
    with tears of pain as we should not do this again
    again in our life as we get a chance to belong

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