I Forgot My Poem On Moon

I was writing a poem
While cleaning my teleporting machine
A few moments later
I was next to a spacecraft’s engine
Three, two, one
I heard the dreaded countdown
A few moments later
I went flying out of town
The engine was burning hot
I was going to burst like a balloon
A few moments later
I found myself on Earth’s moon
Fellow astronauts were shocked
To see a stranger with a broom
A few moments later
I teleported back inside my room
The poem I was writing
I could not trace it anywhere
Wait a minute
Did I forget it up there?

39 thoughts on “I Forgot My Poem On Moon

  1. Poem: screaming, calling out your name. She is in the company of most weir people from the earth. ‘oh no no no no , don’t harm. I wanna go back home. To the diary, diary of my owner’ she beg them. They took her back as a sample of Alien invasion. Her home is now a testing box in a big blue lab.

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