The Ideas That Come And Go

Oh I seek you insanely all day
Without you I lay blank here
You never seem to come my way
As soon you come you disappear
When I lay down to fall asleep
You come out then to say hello
Since I saved no space to keep
You I suspend till ‘morrow
When I wake with the morning light
You are gone with no single trail
No memory of your sound or sight
Not even of your head or tail

28 thoughts on “The Ideas That Come And Go

  1. this happens to me in dreams..sometimes i get great ideas through dream but i couldn’t write it of course in dream but i am so much self aware in my dreams sometimes that i used to make myself repeat that idea in dream and till the time i wake up from that’s gone..i couldn’t remember anything..once i dreamed about writing 1 line in a poems and i made myself repeat it again and again in dream to remember it..and i was able to remember it after i woke up and even i used this line in my poem and this line is “If you are obscuring same from mine”

    you can find this line in my poem titled “DARKLING SKY” 🙂 🙂

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  2. So familiar and right on the money. My best ideas come many times just as I am about to nod off. So you either write them down that instant, which is unlikely, or you will never find trace of them the next day.

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