Hello, Past. Hello, Future

Hello, Past. I’ve come to fix you
You’re all messed up and muddled
And I know just what to do
To make you less befuddled
Now, instead of running away
I’d look you right in the eye
No more fears would come to stay
To them I’d bid goodbye

Hello, Future. How do you do?
You’re so distant and quite afar
Everytime I try to know you
You surprise me with who you are
Now I’ll just let you be
Not a single worry for you
I’m happy being me
Without bothering about you

Hello, Present. I meet you at last
After ignoring you for years
Every moment that we have passed
Only helped to grow my fears
Now I’m stronger than before
And I know just what to do
This time I am sure
I’ll find happiness in you

73 thoughts on “Hello, Past. Hello, Future

  1. Frank, God keeps returning me to this particular post. It speaks to my NOW based on the past, present, and future.

    Blessings to you, my friend, for being obedient to the Lord’s call to write and post this profound journey via poetry.

    Yours in Christ,


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  2. that was magic and so true can relate thanks for your import I am now smiling as fast ass I was finding. great work is always noticed and you are now focused give it all you got because the present is what. What matters TO YOU AS YOU WILL JUST BE. be you.

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