The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 13/13

Now as a gust of wind she flew
To all the places she hadn’t been to
O’er the hills and beyond the seas
In the gardens amongst the bees
She held no fear now in her heart
No memory with her of her previous start
Gliding along wherever she was led
Happy thoughts only in her head
One such time she was led to
A familiar tree known to me and you
An old bird lay with fever in her head
Her man was there beside her dying bed
Seeing her plight she was distressed
A chord in her heart was duly addressed
She went close to the old bird’s nest
And lingered awhile around her breast
Of her she dived straight inside
To be with the old bird’s dying side
Then the moment came too fast
It was the air she breathed last
And both lay quiet on that tree
Forever known to you and me

34 thoughts on “The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 13/13

  1. You’re trying to pull tears, aren’t you? 😉 Bittersweet. As I was reading, I thought it would make a lovely children’s book with illustrations even with the sad ending. I know parents who have a hard time explaining to their young kids the concept of death.

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