The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 6/13

Next morn’ when her mother awoke
The little bird was still in bed
Her father wore a cozy cloak
Winter had popped its head
A few insignificant hours passed
The little bird was still in bed
The mother checked the bird at last
Found fever had reached her head
The little bird could barely move
She never had felt so weak
Her dire state only went to prove
The curse from the owl’s beak
The little bird still lay in bed
And nothing was going well
Her wings she could barely spread
Her body was hot as hell
Though her mother tried all tricks
All treatment seemed in vain
The little bird was lying sick
Writhing there in pain
Her mother looked up in agitation
At the heavens above
“What wrong has my daughter done
To treat her with such love?
Have you no answer to give me?
You who rein the skies
Come on now to the banyan tree
Witness a mother’s cries”

13 thoughts on “The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 6/13

  1. Thunder boomed in the calm sky
    Sending shivers through the old tree
    All the birds flew down and under
    Shouting and screaming why

    All were gone but for the little birdie
    And her quivering parents
    Bellowing the little one to run for it
    As the tree started to crack and crumble

    The little birdie ignited with a new fire
    Dusted off her fears
    Wiped away her tears
    And found herself beside her parents
    Flying for the stars

    Couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

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  2. Have you actually written all thirteen parts to this poem – or are they getting made up along the way? Also intrigued, do the birds represent something deeper? Have to say, I’m getting sucked in. 🙂

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