The Bird Who Refused to Fly – Part 7/13

The court was in session
When the mother bird stormed in
All were startled and stunned
But the owl gave a grin

“You were supposed to help her”
The mother bird cried out loud
“Look at just what she’s become
I hope you’re feeling proud”

“Don’t you be blaming me”
Was the owl’s curt reply
“Your daughter’s paying the price
Karma, I can’t deny”

“How so very foolish of me”
The mother bird then spoke
“To expect a little help from you
Isn’t more than a joke
I will take my leave now
Return to my daughter’s bed
Though my hopes are crushed
None of them are dead”

“There is one thing however”
The owl spoke at last
“If your daughter’s willing
The curse can be surpassed
With mighty odds against her
She must now learn to fly
On her own if she wants
To bid the curse goodbye”

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