The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 5/13

Atop the banyan tree
Where the warm winds blow
Sat the wise owl
With the masses below
Now the little bird
And her worried mother
Were in the owl’s presence
With all the other
Birds that had come
Present in the courtyard
To watch the wise owl
With utmost regard

The parrot wrote the minutes
Pigeons lit incense
Cuckoos gave a call for
The session to commence
“Well, my daughter here”
Spoke the mother with some hope
“Is afraid to fly I guess
Though it’s in her scope
No sooner has my daughter
Flown a little height
She comes back down on land
With a mighty fright”

“It is a peculiar case”
The wise owl did reply
“I’ve never met a bird before
Who’s afriad to fly
But all is not lost
You’ve come to the right place
Leave your daughter with me
I will solve this case”
Just as he spoke those words
The little bird burst out loud
She couldn’t hold back herself
Her guffaws reached the clouds

The courtyard was stunned
The parrot dropped his quill
The owl was wide-eyed
The others were all still
“I am sorry for all this”
Said the little bird
“I never meant to laugh this way
At your owlish words
It is just that I
Didn’t picture you like this
The setting seems amusing
I just couldn’t resist”

“Well well well”
The wise owl spoke in rage
“You’re not short on bravery
For a bird your age
You come to my courtyard
Mock me and my words
In front of your mother
And all the other birds
You don’t need my help
You may go your way
I hope you have the same humour
When troubles come your way”

21 thoughts on “The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 5/13

  1. Your work is very inspiring to read Frank! I’m only starting out so please keep in touch and share and spread my name where you can ! I know a lot of people who will love reading your work 😊 !


    Liked by 2 people

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