In The Mouth Of A Graveyard

Though I know the end is nigh
I keep walking on
For I hear my brother cry
Crying all alone

My mother keeps not too well
Her ail is unknown
I remember that she did foretell
Dying all alone

For my father is out of reach
Buried ‘neath a stone
With all words that he did preach
Sighing all alone

Now’s my turn to throw my guard
And keep walking on
In the mouth of a graveyard
Walking all alone

28 thoughts on “In The Mouth Of A Graveyard

  1. I always say Yes after I read your posts. I just saw how many followers you have and said Yep this guy gets it! Keep on keeping on brother. On a side note I also want say thank you for taking the time to “Like” my posts along my WordPress journey. Thank you Frank.

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  2. Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale,
    Yet will I fear none ill …

    King David, 3.000 years before Bob Dylan.

    And the other Dylan:

    Do not go gentle into that dark night
    Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

    – That was for his father, an unbeliever, when dying.

    Connections, connections!

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  3. I’ve read your poetry every day, and I didn’t catch on to the the Hard Rain’s connection. I’m so glad you pointed it out. Such a great old song. A bit depressing but great. I love Dylan more and more as time goes on. He does that repetitive thing with the music, and then image after image after image, to show you a mood or a feeling. And you tap in to that mood so perfectly with this piece. Makes me wait for the next installment. And at the same time hope for a happier installment…an end to crying, not-so-ominous ailments, away from the graveyard. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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