Sharp Swords

In my dreams there’re hundred guns
In the hands of young children
They rule the world, they terrorize
With false glory in their eyes
Though little kids, they’re really strong
With their own set of right and wrong
Driven by an evil squad
No fear of death or even God
They think they’re moral and they’re right
Oh the dreams I have at night
I also have them through the day
Nothing more than the new world’s way

42 thoughts on “Sharp Swords

  1. Nice Post! I thought this poem was about children kidnapped to be child soldiers. Is that right? Then I read some comments above and reread the post and it sounds like political leaders. I know written pieces can be interpreted many ways, but what was your original intent? Thank you.

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  2. Good afternoon dear,
    The words written by you are shape than swords , somewhere lays down these reality of life, printed on heart which is unforgettable and unseen.

    Nicely wrote.

    Thank you

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  3. Enjoyed this as always! So true it’s happening every where, some people have lost the rest for life & authority.It streaks your heart to see so many young people losing their lives over foolishness. The sad part is most don’t have any remorse of the lives they destroy!😔😔😔😔

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