God’s On Our Side

I know what you’re thinking
If we can see this through
You think we’ve got nobody
No friends, no money too
Well then let me tell you
Just how wrong you are
Throw your worries away
Cast your fears afar
God’s on our side

Let the bright lights lead you
Feel the buoyant day
See the clouds, they’re guiding
Us upon our way
And if you’re feeling tired
Wait for the night to come
She will bring you rest then
She will take you home
For God’s on our side

Rest assured I’m with you
Just like all these birds
Hear them sing their songs now
Hear them play with words
Let them lift you over
Beyond the massive sky
Drop those sorrows from there
As I watch you fly
God’s on our side

Are you feeling easy
Calm and joyful now?
If you say ‘No’ then
I’ll find them out somehow
But don’t dare feel the sadness
There’s no reason to
Find that love deep inside
I’m always there for you
And God’s on our side


50 thoughts on “God’s On Our Side

  1. Cast your fears afar – I would have written that as Cast your fears aside.
    Drop those sorrows from there – I would have written ‘from down there’ (scans better)
    I’ll find them out somehow – I would write ‘find you out somehow’.
    These are only my opinion. Like your poem, love its sentiment. I fully agree. When you have nothing you have God.
    Tich Ennis

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    1. Hahahaha. Pronouns don’t matter. God could be a penguin to you and it wouldn’t make a difference in the power we feel and witness. So if God has led you to believe that it is 5 headed dragon, then put all your faith in that dragon and let it see you through. 😊

      Oh, very beautiful piece, Frank! Lol.

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