Heavenly Dame

You know that there’s a tale
About an heaven’s dame
Sent down on earth eons ago
But no one knows her name
Nobody knows a thing whether
It is the truth or lie
Nobody knows of the angel
Who fell from the heavenly sky
Where she is? Where she must be?
Where she lives or goes?
Does she cry or does she smile?
What she does nobody knows
But I guess the truth is
Not meant for everyone
Some are afraid to see it
Others don’t know it’s fun
I am aware of the truth
The angel is for real
I can see her beauty
Her presence I can feel
In guise of an ordinary girl
She has entered my heart
But I know the secret
So I just play my part
I love her endlessly
She loves me all the same
The skies I see are smiling
I love the heavenly dame

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