Not Within Me

I’ve been looking for Him
Everywhere I could
Beneath the stars, above land
In the deepest woods
Underneath the oceans
I seek Him day and night
Seek Him in the darkness
Seek Him in the light
Seek Him within me

Though it wasn’t easy
I found Him eventually
Almost like a fortuity
Stumbled ‘on casually
I found Him in the stones, I
Found Him in a dew
Saw Him in the wind, I
Saw Him affined to you
But not within me

Him I found all over
Except inside my heart
None of my veins had Him
Nor any other part
Was I breathing empty?
Felt a lot of pain
Stripped my soul and hunted
Only to find again
He’s not within me

53 thoughts on “Not Within Me

  1. “HIM”? I thought it was HER.

    And of course you’d fail to find “IT” (who are we to place a gender on the ALMIGHTY?) As “IT” does not exist — except for within your own sense of your own universe.

    Be the Everything.

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  2. Hey Frank, an invitation is always the best way to get somebody to visit you. This particular somebody, without a doubt, is just waiting for that invite. Best wishes Loretta

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  3. You know, I think we all chase ideals. I too would like to be better, kinder, more helpful, less grumpy, less snappy. There are so many things I would like to be I have lost count. Religion is our attempt to see a better place, to aim for it. Perhaps, it has to be admitted, to “escape”. But better to escape to religion and poetry than substances or the hunt for material wealth. The more I read of other people’s blogs the more I recognise the similarity across race, geography and age. I may be an atheist but I know where you are coming from and empathise.

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  4. the energy that is your mind/body does not need your ego’s consent to connect to all other energy, all other ‘things’…. fortunately. Try another muse maybe?

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  5. Great work. My thought was that the speaker just has yet to learn the next discovery, that, as with at first not finding, there is another stage of not funding, after finding divinity in nature.

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  6. For example, seek Him, by starting a Bible Reading Plan. I discuss a plan I like & use in my blog post for today. Kind regards to you! Just trying to help! Reading is something logical to do that doesn’t require a special feeling, just a willingness to be open-minded & learn. Job (in the Book of Job) asks God a lot of hard questions. It is okay to have questions. We just need to have a reverent attitude.

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  7. Perhaps you trust too much in subjective feelings. Sometimes we have to do what we know is right to do to find Him but not get discouraged when we don’t “feel” a certain way. He is ready and waiting for all who are genuinely seeking. I tend not to trust feelings ONLY since they can be fickle. I am more logical than emotional so this is my main path.

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