How wonderful it would be
If the world was destroyed tomorrow
Humans wiped out completely
No happiness, no sorrow
Planets will keep turning
With no animals nor birds
Stars will keep burning
No compliments, no hurting words
Just mountains, dust and sand
Tell me, don’t you agree with me?
Just water, air and land
How wonderful it would be

44 thoughts on “Doomsday

  1. Dark night if the soul? Sounds like something I said while in it but I’ve got stuff to do and a BTS concert to look forward to. Something just popped up I’m seeing the ending of Titanic. I haven’t watched that movie in twenty years but I hear Jack’s finally words to Rose and the scene that made me cry the hardest. Most were upset about Jack and I was too, but what I noticed and a lot of others missed was all the photos in the background when she finished the story. Jack had told her to go on and keep living and I don’t remember all the photos but basically they showed her living her life and being happy. She kept going when others would have let grief swallow them whole. Now I know you can’t do much but sit with the pain when you are in the dark night but I am here to tell you that you can come out on the other side and live a rich full life and experience even more, be more appreciative of life once the darkness is gone.

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  2. Oh yes!! That would be beautiful. Like your poems right? 😀
    You when everything will end, still I’ll love your writing! ✌😉

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  3. Haha, great poem. I have these sorts of thoughts all the time too. It helps give you a perspective of just how minuscule human life is compared to the entirety of the universe.

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