Secret Of The Night

Once upon a time there lived a young boy
Who never knew his mother and never knew joy
Born in the fields and raised with the cows
Earned his petty wages as he worked those plows
One night as I lay next to him to sleep
His face began to glow. My heart gave a leap
He grabbed my hand and pulled me close
He whispered a song that only God would know
I really don’t remember much about that night
Except that his eyes were shining bright
Next day morn’ when I awoke
He was still singing the song of which I earlier spoke
The rest of the village took him to be mad
He frightened the children and scared their dads
So they beat him up, packed his bags and threw him away
He was no longer welcome for another day
As he left, he still hummed that song
Nobody knew just what was wrong
In my heart there lay a deep fear
His words were obscure; but language clear
For God came down and shone that light
I was the witness of the secret of that night

30 thoughts on “Secret Of The Night

  1. love it your very good at telling the story and I hope you will read my poetry from any of my platforms I try to arrange it so I have different poems on different sites so your not rereading poems on my other sites.

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  2. Years ago, I sat beside a young man on a bus and while I saw no light emanating from him, I felt very much as if I were in the presence of someone holy. I still can’t say why, but that moment was very sacred and I have always wondered who he was. In this poem, you captured the feeling I had, very well. I have often felt that it is entirely possible that God occasionally walks among us.

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  3. Frank, this poem and the story it tells is so beautiful it melts my heart.
    I am amazed at its softness and mystery, sadness and joy.
    All packed in one.

    I wondered after what would have triggered such a story.
    Any chance you would give a hint?

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