Our Love Was Never Eternal

Our love was never eternal
‘Twas a passion of youth
Though it wasn’t based on lies
It never was founded on truth
Our love was never so strong
To resist the force of time
Merely an object to fondle with
In instances of our prime
Now that our love’s departed
We truly don’t pine too much
Never long for your presence
Never yearn for your touch

34 thoughts on “Our Love Was Never Eternal

  1. Love your poems. It truly stikes at the heart and I can relate to them. Its as if I’m stepping in broken glass along the way and the only way to get through it is to take it one step at a time.

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  2. Beautifully written poem and so sensitive to the truth of growth.
    I know some 16 and 17 year olds now, their love is so intense and they believe it will last forever.
    They are true to themselves and each other but they still have a lot of growing. Beautiful to watch
    ……..and you remember it so well.
    Little do we know

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  3. Absolutely fantastic! 🙌🏻
    Frank, from my own experience- I realised it’s a great – great feeling to have moved on , to feel that you are actually stronger than before and are better off without the person who left you in the middle of the road – heartbroken.

    If they can love you for who you are, then good. If they can’t – then they are simply not deserving of your love.

    That’s one simple fact which took me months to understand.

    As a coincidence – today exactly being 7 months – she left me, I am getting to read such a beautiful thought provoking poem of yours! Cheers buddy.

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