I Left The Window Open And A Croaking Frog Jumped In

I left the window open
And a croaking frog jumped in
I was startled as always
This was just the beginnin’
She found a place on my desk
Asked me if I had any memory
Whether I had seen her before
Did she look familiar to me?
She kept talking about things
Reincarnations and past life
Seems I married her ages ago
She was my rightful wife
She looked at me with wide eyes
Asked what I was to do about
I picked her gently in my arms
And I threw the croaking frog out

65 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open And A Croaking Frog Jumped In

  1. Oh, I love your Open Window theme. It’s really inspiring! I’ll try that topic some day too! Great work ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. That took a wild turn! Haha Haha. I love it when you write things we wouldn’t expect. Everyone is used to lovey dovey and you throw in that dose of reality. Lol. Because, really, who would have kissed that frog??? Lol.

    Good piece!

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