I Left The Window Open And In Came A Thought

I left the window open
And in came a thought
The thought turned into an idea
The idea into a poetry
The poetry changed my life

50 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open And In Came A Thought

  1. When your hand gets caught in the cookie jar
    of winsome ladies near and far
    Remember the words of dear old dad
    “Make us proud of you – my lad,
    Try to be good and not to be bad
    Dont play games with peoples hearts
    They are fragile and may have been trodden on before
    by boots – size twenty four
    Reallize – its not them – it could be you
    Perhaps, its time to review
    the things you do
    (to others)”

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      1. Selecting an idea I sit down.
        My pen slides across
        the smooth, unspoilt surface
        of the page.

        Ideas float to me as
        I luxuriate and drift
        in the silence of
        unawakened thoughts.

        Words shape and
        reshape like clouds.
        I let my pen wander until I
        catch a poem of value.

        My pen hooks on an idea
        reducing suddenly to nothing.
        Ideas of worthlessness and inadequacy
        bubble up towards me and
        I wonder why I bother.

        Then I remember.
        Poetry takes me to a place
        where clothes lines
        are ballrooms of dancers
        whirling to an unknown tune.

        Everydayness of life drifts away.

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