I Left The Window Open And In Came A Clone

I left the window open and in came a clone
While I was all alone
He looked around my home
Claimed to be his own
I had him known
I’ll have him thrown
If he doesn’t walk out on his own
He didn’t like my tone
He gave a loud groan
Lifted me up from my throne
Threw me out with my phone
Damn we even share a heart of stone

Next day while he was alone
Through the same window in my home
I surprised the clone
Lifted him from my throne
Had him thrown

Now me and my clone
Play this game all day long
I’ve even forgotten
Who’s the real one

50 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open And In Came A Clone

  1. I have trouble when reading somewhat similar lines, and had a hard time keeping McCartney’s voice out of coming through the bathroom window. But then Joe Cocker’s voice rose above it, and I remembered the clone thing.
    I’ll read earlier stuff to catch up. Because I too like God and aliens and genies.

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  2. I think you’ve been following and liking my blog for a while now, but I knew checked yours out until today. And honestly, I wish I had sooner. Your poetry is extremely raw and beautiful! ❤

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  3. I agree with Nandita. Your window is a delight!
    Do you read French? I have a text on my blog I posted over the weekend called “Les fenêtres” (the windows) by Milena Jesenská (most famous for being Franz Kafka’s correspondent) that you may like. Thank you. Kenza.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more with pranabaxom. This is a skillfully mastered poem like the whole series. I really like the choice of words, the rhymes and the humorous element. If you can’t tell “who’s the real one” it means your clone is also an awesome poet!

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