I Left The Window Open And In Came A Genie

I left the window open and in came a genie
He granted me three wishes but I asked for many
He didn’t budge at all so I finally agreed
“Will they come true?”, I asked. “Oh yes, indeed.”
So I asked for money and a smokin’ hot wife
I also asked the genie for a better life
He burst out laughing. He asked me if I was a clown
He had never heard a better joke from anyone in town
I stood there confused watching the genie laugh
At my very expense, he had a chuckle enough
“If you never intended, why sneak in at all
To grant me three wishes when nobody called?”
The genie said, “I can give you gold and cash
Litter this little house of yours with diamond studded trash
But I can’t grant you a better life than the one you’ve already got
If you also have for yourself a wife who’s smokin’ hot.”

49 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open And In Came A Genie

  1. At least you won’t have it cold in winter, at least for a short period.
    I must remember to ask a girl: by the way do you smoke good? That’s a hell of a question, thank you for your advice.

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  2. Your poem has inspired me to do a little rhyme on my blog:
    Three wishes
    I don’t want money and I don’t want fame,
    With the earth I belong, from hence I came,
    My wishes would be for more time to plant,
    Health and peace, that genie would grant. ~R Jane Bowen

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