I Left The Window Open And In Came The Night

I left the window open
In came the night
The day escaped my clutches
Flew away with light

36 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open And In Came The Night

  1. Hi, Frank, your poems really light up my world. I am an Chinese college student. Last week we learned a new phrase “a flash in the pan”, here’s a poem I composed titled with that. Hope you like it and maybe you ca give me some comments. Thank you!

    I wish I were a slice of light,
    Upon your lip,
    Stamp my sojourn until late night.

    Across your face spread a sign,
    Beneath your lie,
    Left my steps over skyline.

    When Luna in a dress of starry perfume,
    In saecula saeculorum,
    Ignored the elephant in the room.

    All that flushed the best-laid plan,
    No more than,
    Dwelt within a flash in the pan.

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