Love Is The Answer

For a while I’ve been wondering
Just what love could be
Is it the same feeling that I
Have when you’re with me
It seems like fortune’s smiling
When I hold you close
All the joys keeps piling
In my eyes it shows
I guess that’s the answer
Love is the answer

Remember when you asked me
Just what love could mean
May be it is bliss or truth
Or something in between
Let’s call the angels down
From the heavens above
If they see us together
They’ll know just what is love
It seems that’s the answer
Love is the answer

You know you’re the closest
To just what love could be
Put your hand in my hand
Put your trust in me
Love keeps us together
Forget the world outside
We may not know what love is
But we feel it inside
I feel that’s the answer
Love is the answer


63 thoughts on “Love Is The Answer

  1. Hi Frank, than you for dropping by Writing and Works. I wanted to leave this comment on your about page but couldn’t find one. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how have you built this huge following on a poetry blog? It’s really impressive.

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      1. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but would you be willing to give me a little review of some of my poetry? I don’t mean a proper one of anything, I just mean leaving a quick comment on what you think overall. Feel free to say no.

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  2. nice lines:

    We may not know what love is
    But we feel it inside

    I think this applies to happiness as well. Could be a nice topic for your next song/poem.

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  3. Love does not have to be explained but to be felt- honest and sincere. and then she will carry you to any far away place… if you want.

    The try to explain is only minimizing her worth, in my opinion.
    Do people need to understand her to make her more responsible, to make her less powerful, more scientific? What do you think, Blogger Frank?

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    1. I agree with you. Love needs no explanation or reason. I hope you didn’t find any such thing in this post of mine. This post was written only to mean that no matter how tough the situation it can always be resolved with love

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  4. i love the way you have defined love through your nice poem.Great post.
    By the way Frank, i want your opinion on my posts, if you wud like to read them.


  5. Correct πŸ™‚ God is love. Love is God. If God is all a person needs, He is way more than enough. To make miracles, happen. No one knows what love is, until they meet God. God is love. This very existence. You can always see it. If you listen. The world is distracting, but if you listen in, you can hear His still small voice, you can hear, Him. Nicely done. I learned of love and God, when it was all I had, and it is always, more than enough. Still a life is tough, but I know in my heart, He always protects, His blessed ones.


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