An Agenl Csat A Slpel On Me

I wotre a suptid pertoy
So, an agenl csat a slpel on me
Now wnveeher I pcik up a pen
I wno’t be albe to slepl aagin
Ploepe lgauh rianedg waht I wrtie
Tehy tnhik I lsot my haed oegnrviht
It is aonnniyg, I msut amidt
I fial to see the fnnuy sdie of it

146 thoughts on “An Agenl Csat A Slpel On Me

  1. Excellent wordplay that gives your poem such originality. At the same time it proves a language theory that tells we human beings do not read letter by letter. Each one of us immediately recognised all the words and their meanings in your poem. Genius! Also love your “bee poems”. BTW, I have a section with links on my blog and would love to include yours. Would you agree to that? This is what it looks like right now:

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  2. oh… this proves, where ever I would go, people would finally laugh about me… so you prove a point here… well said, oh, sad I mean… there is no need to leave your own city to be spat on, I understand that now…
    You are a wise man frank.

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      1. It’s a pleasure to read but looking at the crafting of it, I can see the hurt.
        When I write in Scots it can be a pain because the spelling doesn’t look right. Doing a piece that actively misspells really amps this up. It’s a fun hurt but it’s the first thing I thought of. Fantastic end product but there had to be a struggle to get there.
        Playing with language is fun but sometimes breaking the rules takes a second to get used to
        Regardless it’s such a damn impressive piece!!

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