Life Of A Poet – Part 4

Losers weepers, finders keepers

Never say die. Let sleeping dogs lie

Live and learn. Walk before you run

Look before you leap. As you sow, you reap

Where there’s a will there’s a way

The mice play when the cat’s away

Grasp all, lose all

Pride comes before a fall

Curiosity killed the cat. Laugh loud and grow fat

Blind leads another blind. Seek and you shall find

Be clear if you know it

Confuse if you’re a poet

54 thoughts on “Life Of A Poet – Part 4

  1. Hi Frank! Loved this post. I am planning to take part in a competition and the theme is Memories. So, I was wondering if you can check out my posts and tell me which one is the most relevant to memories as soon as possible. It would mean a lot to me if you’d help me out. 🌸

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  2. Stitch them and stash them, who cares it’s your own mind at work. Believe me I say, they will always want to understand what you mean when you say nothing

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