I Won’t Let Death Come Close

I’ll shut all the windows, bolt all the doors
Seal all the holes in the roof and the floors
In my arms you for ever I’ll enclose
But I won’t let that fiendish Death come close

I’ll shut down all the lights and silence there will be
So it never detects your presence here with me
I’ll stay up all night if such a need arose
But I won’t let that devilish Death come close

Whether it be day or night or the blazing noon
Whether it be May or March or the balmy June
Whether in the guise of Hel or Kali or in the form of Thanatos
I won’t let that infernal Death come close

I’ll protect you from all harm, risk and injury
Keep you safe from its sniff and artillery
As long as life runs from my head to my toes
I won’t let that menacing Death come close

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20 thoughts on “I Won’t Let Death Come Close

  1. Love! That’s the one strong sentiment emerging out of this protectiveness that rules the regime of this poem. Loved reading it.
    Please go through my works as well some times.

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  2. This is a powerful image of love. As a widow, I applaud your ability to capture the way we want to protect those we love most. Is it innocent? yes…but let innocence reign until night comes.

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