The Dark Factory

Across the street is a factory
Where no sunlight ever falls
No lights they need to work
There’s darkness throughout

Inside the factory I am told
Nobody has dared to step
Those who did never returned
The secret’s kept intact

Despite the clear red flags I
See people every day
Try to figure out the mystery
That lies behind its door

Nights I spend wondering
What could possibly be inside
Days I spend controlling
The urge to knock at the door

Yet today I could hold it no more
The mystery has got to my head
My heart, my brain, my legs
All led me to that doorstep

I flashed my torch around
The place was filled with bottles
There must be thousands of them
Or maybe millions; I am not sure

On a long conveyor belt
The labelled bottles stood open
Sluggardly tiny black drops
Pour forth from a machine above

What were these drops made of?
The liquid was as dark as coal
It had a sickening putrid smell
I chose not to taste it

I felt a hand upon my shoulder
I’ve been expecting you — she said
She led me by the hand
To a far end of the factory

Here all the bottles were filled and closed
She pointed to one of them
And asked me to read the label
I did; it had my name on it

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Factory

  1. If this toxic brutal poem would came out of this Felix guy, it would not just turn my love feeling to a hatred feeling. He’s someone that came to my heart and currently is in it, and because he will be out soon because it turned out he has a girlfriend, he’s hurting everything in my heart, he’s trying to smash it down, because he couldn’t progress his wrong doing further. If he said these stuff, he’s a coward that he’s still living with his girlfriend and trying to get into another woman’s heart, he’s not a hero, he didn’t want to save this woman, he’s just a curious coward that turned to a bad selfish person. He is coward weak being that is not even deserve to be called villain, it would be too much credit for his weak being.


    1. If yes, that’s a very cruel and very wrong poem. When a person doesn’t qualify to enter a heart, he shouldn’t get near it just out of curiosity. If for example a guy has a girlfriend or wife and try to enter another woman’s heart, specially just out of curiosity, he is the corrupted person, not her. You’re stabbing a person personality, are you aware that maybe you became very toxic?
      That is not a corrupted people factory, that is maybe just a girl that is not awake yet because of many situations in her life.
      I hope that she will find long term real love soon and it will become a sunny beautiful garden.


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