When My Belly Was Full With A Chair And Stool

I ate too much and my belly was full
I swallowed a chair and I gobbled a stool
Then I could barely walk
With every bite it piled like a stack
Now my tummy is full up to the neck
Then I could hardly talk

So they took me to a doc but he said — Son,
Your ears are crooked and your nose is run
I said — that ain’t the problem with me
It’s plain to see that my stomach is full
For I swallowed a chair and I gobbled a stool
Now back to normal bring me be

He said — I’m not the right guy I’m afraid
For such a task I’ve never been paid
Before or will be anytime soon
But I know a person who can be of help
He once cured a girl who swallowed a shelf
Only last month or maybe back in June

So twenty men or maybe twenty one
Carried me again to this kind person
And he took quite a good look at me
From his room he brought out a pill
He said — swallow this somehow and you will
Start to feel normal as can be

I did exactly as I was told
And to my surprise lo and behold
The chair and stool came gushing out
He said — I’m no witch or enchanter
Just a wily old carpenter
I hope I left it to no doubt

I said — I could never thank you enough
I was crying earlier and now I laugh
How do I pay you for your help?
He said — For my fee to be paid in full
I’ll obviously keep this chair and stool
I feel it will go well with that shelf

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